Q: What is Triple Crown Indoor Percussion?

A: We are an Indoor Percussion Ensemble made up of high school and collegiate students ranging in age from 15-23.  We are also a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status. 

Q: Who is in charge?

A: Triple Crown is under the direction of Executive Director Brian Flack.

Q: How many members are in the group?

A: Any where from 35-50 members are in the group.  The size of the group changes each year depending on the needs of the group.

Q: Where do the members and staff come from?

A: Most staff members and performing members come from the Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Indiana.  Members and Staff, on average, drive over 2 hours in one direction each weekend.

Q. What happens when a member is accepted after the audition process?

A. Auditionees who fulfill all the requirements and expectations will be offered a contract by the Director and Program Administrator based on the Ensemble Coordinator's and section staff member's evaluations. Members over the legal age of 18 will be able to sign their own contract. Members under the age of 18 must have their parents sign the contract. 

Q. What do contract fees cover?

A: Fees include instruction, uniforms, tarp, props, group insurance, equipment (mallets, sticks, and instruments), rehearsal facilities, and show design. 

Q. Are there any fees outside of the contract fee?

The only fee that is expected outside of the contract fee is a shoe fee for $40. Members can keep their shoes after the season is over. 

Q. Are there any other forms that are required to be filled out?

Medical forms are given out before the first contest and must be filled out. Members under 18 are required to have their parents fill out their medical forms. Form can be found here

Q: When and where do you rehearse?

A: We rehearse almost every weekend starting in November.  Rehearsals take place at Tates Creek High School in Lexington, KY, but on performance weekends we change our rehearsal site based on the location of the performance. A typical rehearsal weekend is Friday from 8-11 pm, Saturday 10-10, and Sunday 9-4. 

During our yearly New Years camp, we rehearse at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. 

Housing is provided at both locations by local members and churches within the area. 

Q: Where is housing usually during rehearsal weekends and contest weekends?

A: During rehearsal weekends, we stay at various houses provided by parents of members in Lexington, KY. This is also the case during New Years Camp in Huntington, WV. Also, we are provided with churches on some weekends, with all members staying. There is a clear separation of male and female. 

During contest weekends, depending on location, members will either stay at the aforementioned or will stay at a church together. There is a staff member on site that oversees, and again a clear separation between male and female.

Q. What is the feeding situation for members and staff?

A: Members and staff are expected to pay or bring their own food during rehearsal weekends. Some special occasions will come where volunteers will feed the members and staff members. 

Q: Do you compete locally or nationally?

A: We compete on both the local and national level.

  1. •TC competes locally with Tri-State Marching Arts (TMA) and Mid-East Performance Association (MEPA).  Competitions are held at local high schools in KY and Ohio. 

  2. •The national level is called Winter Guard International (percussion circuit) with competitions held all over the country and championships being held in Dayton, Ohio. TCIE attends WGI contests in KY, OH, and IN.

Q: How are you classified on the circuits you compete?

A: On both circuits we are classified as Percussion Independent Open.  We compete against other percussion groups from across the country as well as internationally (Japan, Thailand, Europe etc).

Q. How do members and staff get to contests?

A: Members and staff are expected to get themselves to contests. For members who are not able to drive, there is car pooling options with other members and also parents of members. 

Q: How can a parent/guardian be involved?

A: We always need help with prop building, housing, feeding, and various activities needed for the season. Every season when members are contracted, there is a Facebook group started for that season ran by Brian Flack (Director) and Justin Evans (Program Administrator). This way parents and guardians are constantly notified of location, shows, and needed help for the season!